Welcome Adele

May 14, 2018 by Rob Kahl @ Scott & Stapleton

I am absolutely delighted to be able to welcome Adele to our fantastic property management team. In what is a real coup for us here at Scott & Stapleton we have convinced Adele to join us and bring her work ethic, professionalism and experience to our ever expanding portfolio.

Adele has worked locally in the property management industry for many years and has looked after 100’s of properties single handedly. She has always prided herself on her attention to detail, swift responses and personable approach and it is these things that she feels work so well together with our existing team and company ethos.

We have always striven to go the extra mile and customer service, whether it be to landlords or tenants is and always will be our number 1 priority.  

I like to think it was also the friendly approach that we offer here at Scott & Stapleton that attracted Adele to us. We offer a warm approach and will always treat any issue a client may have professionally and quickly to make sure landlords and tenants remain happy.  

Adele joins our existing management team headed up by Simone with Kirsty & Helen together with out Inventory Clerk Alyson and the Accounts girls Kaye & Martine. They are a fantastic bunch who clients love (although they don’t have to spend as long as I do with them listening to their singing!)

I am sure that Adele will fit seamlessly into our team as long as she is as obsessed with food as they all seem to be? But don’t just take my word for it, lets ask Adele herself and find out a bit more about her.  

How long have you been a property manager?  

I have been a property manager locally for just over 4 years and am looking forward to expanding my knowledge in the industry with Scott & Stapleton. I also feel that I can bring something to them as I have dealt with what seems like every eventuality that has been thrown at me over the years but am always willing to learn something new.  

What do you like & dislike about the job?  

I love that every day is different and the job always brings new challenges, I like to think that I make a difference, people call with what can seem a minor issue but to them it is important. I always deal with things as if it was my home or investment and I often get complimented on how quickly and efficiently things get dealt with.

There are obvious frustrations with any job. When things are out of my control and I am chasing tradespeople to attend properties or on hold to service providers for hours gets right on my wick. The other thing that I really dislike is being out of the office all day in the pouring rain...I'm a sunshine girl  

Why Scott & Stapleton?  

As soon as I was introduced to the Scott & Stapleton team I knew I would fit in with the friendly, outgoing & professional working environment. It is obvious that they work hard and are extremely conscientious but they ensure that they have fun doing it.

Property management can be a bit of a thankless task and you need a release in the office whether it is just a quick wander down the Broadway or taking the mickey out of Lisa for 5 minutes. I'm really looking forward to becoming part of the team and listening to Rob sing along to Radio 2 (not). That might have to change?  

What is your favourite Karoake song?  

I hope that this is not the initiation ceremony I have a horrible feeling that it might be? On the mic I'm guilty of loving 'Hello' by Adele... although we share the same name, unfortunately my vocals aren't quite on par with hers... yet!   

What is your favourite lunch?  

An important talking point in any office. There is so much choice in the Broadway I will need to make sure I don’t put on weight! I will have to introduce a strict no biscuits policy. If I did have a choice though you would have to pass me a Nando's any lunchtime! Chicken wrap, peri peri fries & a side of halloumi always goes down a treat. As a huge food lover, The Estuary down the Broadway is also another top fave with the huge portions!  

Best ever holiday and why? (keep it clean!)  

A recent holiday with family & friends to America was one of my best. We started off at Disney World for a hectic week visiting all the parks. We then drove down to Tampa Bay for a more relaxing week with a private beach and to finish off the holiday we stopped off in New York on our way home for a few days of shopping. It was defiantly a holiday to remember.  

As mentioned Adele starts at Scott & Stapleton on Monday 14/5 and would be delighted to discuss with you your property management needs or talk through recent legislation changes that have taken place in the recent buy to let sector. If she or any of our rental team can be of assistance feel free to pop in to the office or call on 01702 471155.

This article is by Rob at Scott & Stapleton 
Tel: 01702 471155 
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