What will you be doing this May Bank Holiday?

April 30, 2015 by Marcelle Baum

Yippee its the May Bank Holiday what will you be doing?

Its time to go out into the garden and make sure that you are Summer ready.

Remove the Leaves from the grass and the borders, give the lawn a mow but not too short, hoe the borders, minding the bulbs preparing to pop up with colour.

OH! SORRY its going to RAIN We can still do some of these jobs and make sure, we are fully prepared for the weather.

OR you could be like me and prepare the greenhouse/ conservatory by cleaning the windows and cutting dead of the plants that have been over wintering away from harms way.

This morning I picked a Lemon from my Lemon tree, they are a wonder, this is the 3rd crop in 5 months, and they are now blooming again preparing for when the lemons have all been picked. The Scent from the Lemon Tree is amazing in the evening and one would think they are in the tropics. They are fresh and fragrant fruits, just the way to kick start a morning, in hot water. I shall be trying Limes this year although not so prolific, but they are easy to maintain and such a feeling of achievement.

I am cutting the dead flower stalks off my Bird of Paradise plant so it sets for new flowers next winter. All of the above can be put outside when the weather warms up and the evenings and night time temperatures are above 10 degrees.

We actually put quite a lot of houseplants outside, and providing they do not have too much rain, and the pots have the drainage, they will stay out until about the end of September.

The same can be said about Bedding and Hanging Basket Plants, we have a vast array of colours and varieties arriving in the middle of May to prepare the baskets. We have taken on many new projects this spring including our maintenance.

Now is a good time for sowing seeds, or repotting them from seed trays to individual pots, ready to be put out when the threat of frost, so they are not damaged.

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Happy Bank Holiday Weekend All.
Marcelle @ Living Decor


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