When to shop?

February 4, 2015 by Angela Poplett

When to shop!

Ok, so this probably sounds a little bit crazy... When do you shop for your clothes is normally when you need them, right?

However the women in the rest of Europe actually shop ahead, about 2-3 months ahead. Which is how the stores show their collections. So this really makes sense to purchase that way to.

Now is perfect timing to buy your spring wardrobe and when spring arrives think about buying your high summer wardrobe. By shopping this way you will get all the sizes you need from well put together collections.

If you are looking for occasion wear unless you want to be restricted to just a few stores(which means you are more likely to see someone else wearing the same as you) then shop for that wedding outfit from February to the end of April. After that the stores go into high summer which means that the shop floor space is needed for the holiday product.

So what about your workwear... Generally the stores will have workwear in during January, February and September, October. By the end of October the stores will have their Christmas party wear in, so again they need the space.

What if you like a bargain, well look to shop the mid-season sales to wear in the moment and think 2 seasons ahead for those big purchases. Ie get your leather boots in the January sales to wear for the following winter and winters to come. Again, this is a great time to buy the All Saints wool coat you've always wanted. Get my drift?

Be clever with your money and don't waste time shopping for something that just isn't available at that time of year.

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This article is by Angela Poplett


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