Women in Business Network!

September 21, 2014 by Joanna Harrison

WIBN is a membership organisation for women who want to gain new business opportunities through word of mouth and we meet once a month at lunchtime with a structured meeting format.

Each member and visitor has the opportunity to present their business to the group during the meeting by passing business cards/leaflets around and speaking for one minute. 

It’s a really supportive and friendly environment so you’ll be made to feel very much at home, and there are mixed professions and ages around the table so it’s a great way of promoting your business in person to a captive audience.

And more importantly all of those people around the table will have friends, family and business associates who they can spread the word to about your business so your message can get out to a wider audience.

The details of the next round of meetings are:

Leigh-on-Sea: Date:
Tuesday 7th October
Time: 12.00 – 14.00
Venue: The Sand Bar & Seafood Co 71 Broadway Leigh-on-Sea Essex SS9 1PE

Southend-on-Sea: Date:
Wednesday 8th October
Time: 12.00-14.00
Venue: Saxon Hall Aviation Way Southend-on-Sea Essex, SS2 6UN

Meeting fee is £25, which includes lunch and refreshments.

Word of mouth really works - to book your place at a WIBN meeting call Jo Curtis on 0845 1255 318 or email jo.curtis@wibn.co.uk

About Jo Curtis.......

When I started my photography business in 2006 it was because I loved photography. I really didn't have a clue about how to be a successful business woman or how to start making valuable connections with other business people who could help me get noticed. And then in 2007 I was introduced to the whole new world of business networking when I attended a meeting run by the Women in Business Network.

I was immediately struck by the wealth of expertise around the table whether people had been in business for a month or for 30 years. These were women who understood what was going on in my world; the fine balancing act of running a business and a busy life, and who shared my concerns, challenges (and optimism!)

After 6 years as a full-time photographer, I felt the time had come to hang up the cameras. So when the opportunity came up to buy into the local Women in Business Network franchise I grabbed at the chance. It felt like a natural progression from being a prolific networker, promoting my own photography business, to then helping other women in all stages of their business life build a strong network of support around them.

What our members say...

"It's really valuable as a support network when you're working by yourself, which many of us are doing for the first time.. so for me that's been a really positive thing" - Amanda Kinghorn, Domestic Cleaning Services

"My business gets promoted to a really wide audience because of the ripple effect.." - Karen Boom, Electrician

"One of the benefits of WIBN membership is that you can visit other groups in your local area which expands your networking potential and opens up new doors for you." - Claire Thompson, Mobile Marketing

"The 1-2-1s have been fantastic for me - getting to know the other ladies around the table, and for them to know my business and my personality too" - Sonia Hurren, Parent & Teenager Coach

"Like social media, networking is all about 'know, like, trust'. When you know someone and you like them you are much more likely to do business with them and refer them on, and that's what WIBN helps you to achieve" - Jo Shaer, Social Media Training

"I've been a member of WIBN for nearly 2 years now. I'm making great friendships. everyone has their own business and you're doing different things but you have the same thing in common - you're independent and working on your own - so your experiences are the same. So to meet and share that and support one another has been one of the nicest things. But importantly I've increased my client base..." - Clare Finch, Massage Therapist


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