Back with Boxercise!

January 2, 2017 by

Back with Boxercise!

Weve all been on Christmas burn out, eaten far too much turkey and the last thing on all our minds is exercise. But, here at we had no choice, because at 9am on the 29th December, there we were, at Platinum PT Studio and Gym, embarking on the first of a 12 week Boxercise programme with Kevin. And we have to say, we were more than impressed!

There is no, get in, get the gloves on and punch and kick a poor Kevin (even though he can hold his own) for an hour straight off. The first session was all about technique and learning a sequence of 8 punches, all combined with the correct posture and footwork to ensure maximum cardio, strength and toning that such a work out can achieve.

And to say that our legs and ab’s ached is an understatement… were excited about what the next 11 weeks are going to uncover!

Out with the christmas bird body and in with that bikini body!

Please call Kevin for more details on 07746 846 324


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