Brownes Bootcamp Kids - Review

October 12, 2015 by Jennie Manley

Brownes Bootcamp for kids - Review

Brownes Bootcamp is fantastic for kids!  Angus makes exercise fun with plenty of encouragement along the way. The children's sessions are jam packed with all the type of drills and exercises you would find worthy of at an adult bootcamp. 

On offer, there's sparring, hill sprints, mini hurdles, sit ups, burpees and plenty of planking to name but a few!

Angus keeps the children motivated and engaged and ensures they don't cut corners.

My two children always look forward to Brownes Bootcamp and especially now that half term sports camp is being offered, the children can continue their boot camp fitness through the holidays.

This truly is a wonderful way of encouraging the children to work as a team and enables them to increase their fitness levels and remain physically active.

Keep up the good work BBC Kids.

By Jennie Manley. Mum to Lauren & Will