Cabinet to review conservation area appraisals

September 9, 2021

Seven of Southend’s 14 conservation areas could adopt updated conservation area appraisals to enhance the council’s ability to protect these much-loved areas, subject to Cabinet approval.

As part of the Government’s revised National Planning Policy Framework (2021), local planning authorities have a duty to ensure all conservation areas within their boundaries, are up to date and relevant.

Following a comprehensive consultation of all of the Borough’s 14 conservation areas, Cabinet is now being recommended to adopt the updated appraisals for seven of those conservation areas at:

  • Chapmanslord
  • Eastern Esplanade
  • Leigh Old Town
  • Prittlewell
  • Warrior Square
  • Kursaal
  • Shorefields

Conservation areas are areas with special architectural and historical significance where nationally granted permitted development rights for residents and businesses to make changes to their properties are reduced, and there is a clear focus upon conserving and enhancing the historic and architectural quality of those areas.

Cllr Carole Mulroney, cabinet member for environment, culture, tourism and planning, said: “Across the Borough, we are very fortunate to have so many conservation areas that are rich with historical and architectural interest. which are much loved and appreciated by the local community. By adopting the updated appraisals, we will not only preserve their designation as conservation areas but also enhance our understanding and ability to conserve and manage their history for years to come.

“The report will be discussed in detail by myself and Cabinet colleagues, and I am pleased that as with all of our conservation area appraisals this report incorporates the comments made by local residents in the consultation carried out at the start of the year.”

The report will be discussed by Cabinet Tuesday 14 September (agenda item 13).