Celebrating Mothers Day in India

March 24, 2022

Celebrating Mothers Day in India is a special occasion, much like we are used to here in the UK. Mothers Day in India helps people celebrate the role of the mother which is incredibly important in Indian society. Mothers across the country can be honoured and celebrated, often with the family gathering together with food and gifts.

Mothers Day is a chance for people across India to give back to their mothers for all they do for their children; the mothers’ role of nurturing, caring, and overlooking the general wellbeing of others.

In India, children often recite poems or tell memories of their mothers at school, where their mothers also attend. There is often singing, dancing, celebrations and - of course -  delicious food. Children will give homemade gifts, flowers and cards, a chance to treat their mothers for the day!

This is often the day of the year when the children take to the kitchen so their mother can have a day off. Because while many Indian women have careers, it is still deemed important for a woman’s role to be in the home or to be a good mother. This day is all about celebrating these women for all the incredible hard work they put in, and to show the family how much she is an essential part of their family dynamic.

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Mughal Dynasty

Mughal Dynasty

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