Clements Place One Day Retreat

January 15, 2015 by Samantha Seaby

Meet at CP to leave at 7.30 (ouch) 9am start.

Set up for day with Espresso Heights Smoothie and run through if what to expect.

Straight to obstacle course, which we will break down into sections to teach technique and practise for race at end of session.

Winner bags a 6month membership and free Pt Sesh with John!

12-2 - relaxed lunch where we can talk through recipes, nutrition and also use spa area (sauna, steam room and jacuzzi)

2pm - Yoga for 1 and half hour

3.30 orange slices and green juice shot

4pm - one hour meditation and relaxation

5pm - finish £150 for the day - LETS DO THIS!!!

For more information please contact Sam at Clements Place on 01702 477 136