Election Results in for Leigh-on-Sea

May 6, 2022

The results from the local elections have come in and we now know who will represent Leigh on Southend Council.

Carole Mulroney, a Liberal Democrat, won in Leigh Ward (from West-Leigh School to Chalkwell Station) by beating the conservative candidate Paul Gilson by over 400 votes.

Conservative Fay Evans defeated the Liberal Democrat Katie Kurilecz by 240 votes in West Leigh (from West-Leigh School to Tattersall Gardens).

Elsewhere the competition was extremely tight, especially in Thorpe Bay where the Conservative candidate Azeem Raja was beaten by independent Martin Terry by one vote.

In total, the Conservatives lost 2 councillors, Labour gained 2 and the Liberal Democrats gained 1. No party is large enough to form a majority.

Local elections decide who will represent your area, or ward, on the borough council. This election decides who is responsible for the management of local services such as transport, waste management as well as other public services.


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