Friends of Leigh Library Gardens seek funding for People's Path

August 20, 2020

Many parents and grandparents have found Leigh Library Gardens a blessing especially when taking a break from shopping with your children. Whether your grown children remember climbing the trees, playing in the playground or just picnicking, I think we can all accept that this small green space is part of growing up if you live in and around Leigh-on-Sea.

The Gardens come under the jurisdiction of the Parks and Recreation Department of Southend Borough Council, but due to the impact of COVID 19 the Park Services had limited staff and facilities so our beloved and important green space needed some additional 'care and attention'. A group of like-minded people, “The Friends of Leigh Library Gardens (FOLLG)” were formed as a ‘ not for profit’ small charity volunteer community gardening group for all to join whether young or old, gardener or non-gardener and have been busy bringing the Gardens back to a standard we can all be proud of.

FOLLG have certainly not been idle. Since the beginning of June they have not only cleaned and repainted the playground equipment, kept the flower beds colourful, neat and tidy but they have also repaired and reinstated the flower bed retaining wall at the Broadway West entrance. Presently FOLLG are actively seeking to provide a permanent path in the Upper Gardens to make access easier, safer, and improve mobility. This was highlighted as a priority by the community at the Public Consultation held by FOLLG in December 2019, as the existing dirt path (desire line) is difficult to use during the winter months due to deterioration in the ground conditions when the weather is cold and wet.

The cost to install the path is £5,965. The Friends are able to provide £350 from previous fund raising, so the balance of £5,615 is the amount they are seeking to raise. The Friends have been really delighted with the support received so far, with £1,060 having already been raised through ‘The People’s Path’ gofundme crowd source page, but they do need the continued support of the local community in order to keep up with the improvements to the gardens for all of us to enjoy.

Any contribution however small is much appreciated. All Friends are volunteers and give their time to help the community and make this brilliant space an even better resource for Leigh residents and visitors. If you and your family have enjoyed the Gardens during lockdown and can contribute towards 'The People’s Path' or want to join in with the work parties, the Friends would love to welcome you. Anyone wishing to join the Friends of Leigh Library Gardens or have enquires about fundraising should make contact by emailing

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