September 5, 2014 by Alice Dowdeswell

If Gin is your favourite tipple then here is some ginspiration! My personal favourite is a cheeky Hendricks and cucumber but this weekend I opted for a bottle of Tanquerey and knocked up a few cheeky G&T's with a slight twist;

Lychee & Elderflower

This Gin combo has a lovely fragrant flavour with a subtle sweetness. To make this tipple, free pour some gin into your chilled glass (the more the merrier). Using some fresh lychees, peel and add flesh to the gin. Leave for couple of minutes to let he flavour of the fruit to infuse!. Then add a a handful of ice and then mix with Elderflower Tonic!

Floral and Fragrant Rosemary Gin.

This tipple is one of my fuss or frills but just one simple ingredient...rosemary!! I first tried this mixture in Melbourne at a friends BBQ..we were drinking an array of different gin concotions but this combinaton worked beautifully!
 Place your sprigs of Rosemary over a flame, helping to release it'strong scent snd flavour! Then just add the Rosemary to your glass of gin and ice. Allow to infuse for a few minutes before adding indian tonic water! This heightens the flavour of the gin adding floral notes giving a delicate and fragrant flavour!  

So thats some Ginspiration to transform and jazz up your standard G&T. Chin Chin darlings.

Happy weekend!


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