Hedgehog New Homes Required

February 10, 2022

The South Essex Wildlife Hospital is a rescue, rehabilitation and public advice charity formed by Sue Schwar in 1995. Sue started the charity as there was no wildlife care or rescue centres anywhere in the area. Initially helping animals in her own home, Sue was soon overwhelmed by the sheer volume of sick animals needing her care so a more suitable location was found.

The Hospital can get between 50 and 100 phone calls a day and often has between 200-300 patients.

They are currently in great need of suitable hedgehog release sites. If you would like to re-home a hedgehog you will need to meet the criteria as hogs are only being released to areas of proven habitat. If you think you can help please complete a hedgehog release form at https://southessexwildlife.org/hedgehog-release/

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