Kids Review - School of Rock The Musical

March 8, 2018 by

What can we say other have to go!

Andrew Lloyd Webber brings 'Rock n' Roll' to the stage in this adaptation of the 2004 film starring Jack Black!

The story, as in the movie, follows Dewey, a sacked guirtarist and general lay about slob, who in desperation for money impersonates his flat mate to obtain a subsitute teaching job at a local private school. 

It's not long before "Dewey', or Mr Schneebly so he becomes to his pupils, over hears the classes musical talent and in his own personal dream of taking part in 'Battle of the Bands', general education is quickly replaced with rock education cultivating in one hell of a show!

David Finn who plays Dewey portrays Jack Black perfectly, the children's talent who star in the show is beyond mindblowing and our little one's, well other than some very standard 'flossing' (and for us grown-ups to actually), they didn't move and were completely captivated for the full 2.5 hours!

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