London Southend Airport launches Independent Community Noise Forum Inbox

September 15, 2021

London Southend Airport received a good response to its call for members across the local community and today launched its Independent Community Noise Forum (London Southend Airport Community Noise Forum - LSACNF).

A recent campaign to enrol local residents for the LSACNF has been completed and members have now received confirmation of their application status. To ensure representation from all areas one person per postcode SS0-SS9 has been included as well as an independent chair to host the meetings.

A positive response was received and in areas where more than one applicant responded, the member was randomly selected. This is the first forum of its kind and further members may be considered as required, for two neighbouring postcodes zero applicants were received and so these positions will remain open should there be future interest to join the forum.

With a strong group now established, work is underway to confirm the inaugural meeting date, expected take place at the end of October. Regular meetings will then be scheduled ahead of the quarterly Airport Consultative Committee (ACC) meetings so that feedback can be included within discussions. Minutes of the meetings will be publicly available.

The LSACNF is designed to engage with local concerns, seeking resolution. Each member is key to represent their area and meetings will take an open forum approach to discuss any issues while the independent chair will lead the meetings with a clear agenda to seek improvements, identify positives to remain and discuss any areas of concern.

Glyn Jones, CEO of London Southend Airport, “We look forward to some constructive debate and hope to see some opportunities to move forward with the many local benefits the airport brings, whilst managing any negative impacts. Thank you to all who applied, we look forward to collaborating to make good progress”.

Details of the airports Connecting Communities Commitment are available via


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