Michel Roux sails into Leigh-on-sea for his new TV Series

March 1, 2024

The famous Michelin chef Michel Roux sailed into Leigh-on-sea last night in Episode 5 of his TV programme Roux Down The River.

Michel begins his journey (Episode 1) on the Thames in Berkshire with a stop at his family's famous 3 star Michelin restaurant The Waterside Inn. Opened by his father and uncle in the 1970's it soon became the go to restaurant for celebrities such as Robert Redford and Barbara Streisand.

The final destination on his Thames journey ends in our great little town Leigh-on-sea. Michel’s first stop is at Osbornes in Old Leigh with a visit to its fishmongers where he samples our famous local delicacy cockles fresh from the sea. The Osborne family have been fishing for cockles in the Thames Estuary since 1881. Originally the cockles were harvested by hand with rakes and baskets then transported to London by train now they are processed in Leigh and sold all over the world.

A trip to Leigh would not be complete without a local pint and a sea shanty demonstrated by the very popular Hoy Shanty crew. Fishing has been ongoing in Leigh for over 1,000 years and has become synonymous with the famous Dunkirk little ships rescue in WWII. A survivor of that time is the good ship Endeavour which is moored in Leigh Harbour. Once a cockle boat the Endeavour has been restored by local volunteers to its former glory. Alan Bartram of the Endeavour Trust tells of its heroic trip to Dunkirk where it transported 150 soldiers at a time from the beaches to the awaiting rescue ships.

Whilst in Leigh Michel also visits chef Liam at Food Leigh a local restaurant in Leigh Road famous for its seasonal, organic and locally grown food. Liam served under the famous chef Tom Kerridge at the Corinthia Hotel in London and serves Michel his signature fish dish of charred mackerel.

Next stop and the end of the journey is of course Southend-on-Sea with an ice cream at the famous Rossi’s cafe on the seafront and a trip down the famous 1 ½ mile long pier.


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