Mobile Working

April 12, 2016 by Andy Crow @ Chorus Business Advisers

The trend for mobile working

A recent study that asked business owners and mobile workers on their opinions of mobile working in the UK found that more than half of businesses claim they are reaping the benefits of mobile working, with 58% of companies stating that it has noticeably added to productivity within the workforce.

39% confirmed it had contributed to lower operational running costs.

The ability to create flexible working for staff was the main reason why businesses would adopt mobile working technology. However, on the down side, 63% of mobile workers claimed that mobile working has meant they work longer hours, with just 26% of those saying they didn’t mind the overtime.

The findings of the report concluded that it’s becoming a more attractive prospect for both employees and businesses, with both sides notably feeling the benefits from this flexible way of working. It gives staff the freedom to work from home or out on site, meaning they can schedule their job around other commitments and support a healthy work-life balance.

What is important for business owners to consider are the consequences of having staff working away from the office.

It is vital that the security on mobile devices is kept at the same levels as computers in the office. If sensitive data is held on an unprotected mobile or smartphone it is far easier to be hacked than via an office PC on a secure business network.

Secondly it is worth checking the terms of your various business insurance policies. Staff and information may not be covered in the same way as if they were working in the office.

The cost savings on business space mean that mobile working will undoubtedly increase however make sure your business is geared for any unexpected consequences.

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