Moschino does BARBIE!

October 5, 2014 by Mollie Palmby

Its happened.. Last season Moschino brought to the runway our first guilty pleasure, Macondald’s golden arches and now, creative director Jeremy Scott has done it again with the new Spring/Summer 2015 Barbie branded beauties in Milan’s fashion week....... we say ‘Hiya Barbie.’

As soon as the Milan show hit social media everyone was reminded of their childhood with the sassy models strutting their voluminous wigs in bubblegum pink.

Accessory king, Jeremy Scott brought us the Barbie mirror phone case, brilliant competition for the XL Macdonald’s fries phone case, which was my personal favourite (and the most affordable) and my other key favourite, the prom night pink delight dress.

Now although Mochino’s range is not exactly wearable, we can admire from afar and  for me personally, Jeremy Scott has combined my two favourite things; Barbie’s and Fashion making us even more excited for Spring 2015!!!


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