Newsletter - 12/06/2015

June 11, 2015 by Jessica

Personal Trainer To Hollywood Stars!

Since opening it’s doors Club One Hundred, has built a reputation for it’s results. Working with all levels of clients, the Trainers tailor make each plan, to suit each individuals needs and goals, including full nutritional support. 
The latest to join the experienced team is independent trainer Tony Bayliss, originally Armed forces trained and PT to a list of celebrities including academy award winning Hollywood actors. 

Bourgee Review!

The old Tiffin’s Indian restaurant near the Kursaal had shut its doors, thankfully Bourgee decided to move in. Opening last November, these guys really meant business with their star-studded launch party. 
I admire Bourgee, they have certainly taken a gamble here, opening a fine dining restaurant along the golden mile, which is more renowned for burgers and doughnuts, rather than Michelin guide quality food. But it’s really working!

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Water, Water Everywhere...

For the past 5 days, I've been drinking nothing but water. This might not sound unusual, or particularly difficult, but let me explain a few things. I LOVE TEA. I love it so much I once wrote an ode to it. I also love ale, red wine and, on a hot day, a crisp cool Coke. So why give it all up? For the RNLI! The lifeboat charity are conducting #H2Only - where fundraisers drink only water for 10 whole days.

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Cocktail of the Week - Tutti Frutti!

Here's a fruity little number for you to try this weekend! Tangy & sweet, it's bound to go down a treat!
You will need:
-15ml Malibu
-15ml Triple Sec
-15ml Passeo
-15ml Chambord
-Pineapple & Cranberry Juice
-Fresh Lime Juice
-Fizzy Laces

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13th - 14th June

Free festival of music and entertainement!

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Sunday 14th May

2.30pm @ Dixon Studio, Palace Theatre!

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Tuesday 16th June

The return of a favourite! 

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