First Impressions!

November 10, 2014 by Scott Waldron

First Impressions

When we first moved into our new home , the first thing I did was to re design the front garden , paint the house and install house lighting ….. a lot of my friends said I was mad … “oh leave that till last” …… “concentrate on the inside”

But for me , I just couldn’t … you see I have an instant impression of what is to be found inside from looking at the outside of other buildings and properties , and I really did want to make the right first impression.

I suppose we all do in day to day lives , a good morning here , a smile there , these are the little things that people remember you for …. So surely its possible with homes too right ?

Being lucky enough to live in a conservation area , I can be surrounded on a day to day basis with beautiful buildings that have been kept as they were , or are currently being refurbished to bring the original features back.

A timber sash window here , and a wrought iron railing there, its so important to try and preserve these features, and what they do, is give you a fantastic backdrop to work with to create a fabulous first impression.

Same goes for the design led architectural buildings we see around, stunning cutting edge design that somehow can seem to blend with the Victorian building next door…..

Blending in with your local surroundings too for me is paramount to creating an exterior that has been designed with thought and care. Only this week I saw a refurbishment in Leigh that for me just stuck out like a sore thumb….. asking the question “why would anyone do that ?” . Yes , its personality ….. but surely you have to be considerate to your surroundings?

1. If doing building work to the front of a house, consider the proportions of the house along with any new additions. Lining up lintels and window levels will add symmetry and line to the build, helping to minimize the “new build” look of an extension or alteration.

2. Using the same brick or render will help to blend the entire building giving a cohesive look. This is also a good time to install all feed for outside lights. Framing a door way with 2 lights will give you balance, but think about adding in low level soft up lighters and down lighters to add form and feature to walls and driveways.

3. Painting the front door in a complimentary colour to the rest of the house in a good quality paint and adding door furniture in either chrome or brass can really lift an entrance . If you have brass that you like the size and shape of, but would prefer a chrome finish … you can have them dipped in chrome and they come up great!

4. Landscaping can also soften and also add structure to the front of a building. Using plants such as box and bay for a strong tailored feel, or softer colours and grasses for a more relaxed feel. Researching how gardens looked at the time your house was built can be of great help and inspiration.

I believe whatever we portray on the outside, we would like to draw people in.

In both Personality and our homes. So lets make it interesting, bold and considerate .

After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression right ?

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