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November 10, 2014 by Marcelle Baum

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November, the month of early mornings and even earlier nights; but it doesn’t mean that there is nothing to do in the garden, we certainly have plenty to do!

So, aside from introducing Living Decor, our fantastic all weather gardening and sculpting service, here are some hints and tips of what you could be doing in your garden right now! 

Now is the perfect time to have a clear-out in the garden and remove any climbing weeds. Tip; look for their roots as this will prevent their return. The ground is prime and soft enough to dig and to turn-over the soil …. large clumps, ready for the frost to break it down and any errant roots, to be killed off.

It's not easy to use weed killers as they usually need 6-12 hours of dry weather to help them work.

It is best to clear the lawn of leaves to prevent moss in the spring/summer; cut back some of the more untidy shrubs roses and remove all dead or diseased leaves and stems. The summer bedding plants from the borders, baskets and containers will now have become soft and probably black – it’s time to remove them.

Clean the compost and make sure you have drainage, and replant with bulbs, as per instructions and use Pansy, Bellis and Cyclamen.

So, perhaps something to make a start on? 

Gardening and grounds maintenance is essential throughout the year and we at Living Decor are working throughout the year so if you need us, you now know where we are!

This article is by Marcelle owner of Living Decor. 
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