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September 28, 2014 by Joanna Harrison

When it comes to Interior Design , there is rarely a question left unanswered, a swatch of fabric playfully beaten with forefinger and thum,b or a piece of marble or timber stroked to within an inch of its life …. But that’s how we make the choices . Right ?

Design is ultimately the clients choice, with the interior designer playing the part of leader not master …. Showing guidance and introducing the client to options they may have not considered or discovered.

Having worked within the industry for many years now,  I have always been eager to write a blog to discuss, and even sometimes suggest, why we choose a particular design, brand, look or feel.

So, now I am living in this area …well Southend , but I’m close enough, is where you will find my blog.

The local area for me is very important and I am genuinely in love with the architecture that you can find wandering around …. And if im honest, not so in love with some of it too; ill often find myself wondering how people can do such things to houses ?! 

Oh and quickly whilst were on the general housing subject... don’t get me started on those blue Christmas Lights! Warm white is the way forward ….

Anyway ... Lets not get distracted, back to design ….

Over the coming weeks, ill be sharing with you different design ideas and how we can create these at home. From relaxed to tailored, indoors to out and seasonal changes, all will be covered including looking at all budgets and importantly, how we can mix designer & high street to create looks that have individuality, texture, shape and detail.

My background as a designer has taken a few twists and turns, splitting my time focusing on residential interiors for the private client and developer to also working as an on-screen designer & presenter in the Television world of design too! We all love a makeover show right ?!

From This Morning ITV, 60 Minute Makeover ITV and You Deserve This House CH4 ive had the honour of working on them all and before you ask, yes, it really is done in 60 minutes ! ( with a lot of preperation ! )

So …... I’ll see you back here in a week or so . In the meantime take a follow on twitter, a nose around my website or feel free to send me any questions!

Until then ….



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