So what else can this hidden Gem bring to Leigh?

September 21, 2014 by Joanna Harrison

Since we published our article just two weeks ago about the cool, calm and alluring surroundings of Shambhala Studios and its specialist classes of Pilates, Yoga & (new) Meditation, many of you, have been in touch to find out what this little gem, everyone was talking about, really had to offer!

Whilst Yoga & Pilates have always been classes of expertise for the teachers of Shambhala, they have recently expanded their health & well being programme to “mindfulness’ and excitingly introduce teacher Adrian Wright to lead this.

Adrian discovered mindfulness mediation some six years ago whilst personally recovering from a period of ill health and has since deepened his practice through a diverse range of specialist university based training and courses.

The calming and relaxing classes taught by Adrian on a Sunday (also with the amazing and experienced long standing Shambhala Teacher Alison on Thursday's), are full of mindfulness activities which help deepen your practice and de-stress before the week ahead.

A combination of both sitting and active meditations are taught, enabling you to transfer the calming skills into every day life and until your next class!!!!!

To find out more information please call 01702 47 89 24 or visit

Finally…. Ssssssshhhhh did we not tell you about our free taster session for pilates, yoga or mindfulness? Simply download the voucher and call the studio direct to book in!

To read out original article dated two weeks about Shambhala called 'A hdden gem.. just off the boradway' visit


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