Southend Airport drop-off location for Children's Child shoebox appeal

November 11, 2022

London Southend Airport is registered as a drop-off location for the Samaritans Purse annual shoebox appeal as part of Operation Christmas Child – and have already received their first shoebox.

Members of the public can leave their boxes with airport staff from Monday, November 14 to Monday, November 21 as part of the official National Collection Week.

However, one keen local has already contributed to the charitable cause and dropped her shoebox off at the Validation and Delivery Point earlier this week.

Operation Christmas Child encourages people to wrap used shoeboxes in Christmas paper and fill them with a range of items/gifts for children abroad.

These boxes are then sent to kids and young adults in low-income countries to open at – you guessed it – Christmas.

If the shoe fits…

John Upton, CEO of London Southend Airport, said: “Supporting Operation Christmas Child is a great way for London Southend Airport to engage our local community and connect them to people elsewhere in the world.

“As an airport, we’re of course all about connectivity, and so the shoebox appeal seemed like the perfect fit for a festive initiative this year.

“Airport staff have also taken this opportunity to build a number of shoeboxes between their teams, and I’m extremely proud of their efforts.”

London Southend Airport’s official drop-off point is:

Validation and Delivery Point

London Southend Airport



It’s important to note that the main airport terminal is currently closed and not to attempt to enter the building.

Temporary signs have been erected to point the public in the right direction towards ‘VP’.


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