The Passionate Gardener

December 8, 2014 by Marcelle Baum

Wow! Who can believe that it is the second week of December, and although our thoughts are on food, presents and hoping that everyone will be happy on ‘The Day’, we gardeners are already planning for next year.

We are receiving, some requested and some unsolicited, brochures and flyers in magazines showing pretty flowers and plants. Are they any good? Many of them are from top growers who are reputable, but often the produce is smaller than you would buy in local nurseries or we would provide. Seed catalogues are in abundance, but, BEWARE ...........

Buying seeds? Look at how many are in the packet; some of the specialist plants e.g. Birds of Paradise or Lemon Trees, will only have a few - maybe 4 or 5, but they will take a while to germinate and many years before they flower or fruit! Sometimes patience reaps its own reward – I’m impatient, how about you?

However, why not buy vegetable seeds? It is always fun - summer vegetables, lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes are all easy to grow when the chance of frost has passed and can be planted in containers, even if you only have a balcony! Children love watching the progress. These packets are sold very cheaply in many discount shops but I would always use a reputable company, your local nursery or, better still, ask your gardener for advice and remember often ‘less is more’!

Remember, whatever you grow or where you grow it, even with the help of your gardener NOW is the time to plan and prepare the ground.

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