The Passionate Gardener - Interior Landscaping to wash awa y the January blues!

November 24, 2014 by Marcelle Baum

We are preparing for the Festive Season and many places of work will have Christmas trees in pride of place, with lights, decorations and presents - making going to work a joy, whether the tree is real or artificial.

When January arrives returning to work becomes a miserable time - the tree has been removed as have the lights and all the decorations - we just don’t want to be there – however, plants will make all the difference!

The old days, with a Spider plant sitting on the desk, have gone and today appearance matters!

N.A.S.A. always incorporates some oxygen producing, living plants in their space projects and in today’s unhealthy work environment with central heating, open plan offices, too many people, and air conditioning we suggest that live plants are placed in the office, bar or shop - there are so many which are suitable, they will brighten up the office, can provide colour and most importantly they generate oxygen into the area to freshen it up.

Why just have plants inside the house? We are very experienced in interior office landscaping and find that various plants - palms, fig trees, etc., - can form a living divider between work places which are far more attractive and environmentally friendly than bland and unattractive partitions.

We have various options including a Supply, Maintenance & Rental service for individually designed display contracts which will ensure that your workplace (restaurant, wine-bar, shop, office, etc.) will look pristine and help you and your visitors feel comfortable and ready to do business.

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