The Southend Shakedown is back on!

March 21, 2016 by Southend Borough Council

The Southend Shakedown is back on!

Friday 18th March 2016

Following several weeks of uncertainty, the Ace Cafe London ‘Southend Shakedown’ is now back on for Easter Bank Holiday Monday (28th March), thanks to some hard work and the generosity of local seafront traders.

Mary Betson, Executive Councillor for Enterprise, Tourism and Economic Development, says: “This is great news and we are delighted that this really popular event is definitely going ahead. Officers at the council and our other partners such as the police have been working really hard with the Ace Cafe London and local traders to confirm all the arrangements over the last few days and everything is now in a great position.

“‘SSIBA’, our seafront trader group and in particular Grumpy’s Diner have been amazing to find this money that will help to pay towards the overall event costs and help ensure that the 18th annual Easter Bank Holiday Monday will now happen.”

Paul Thompson of SSIBA is delighted that his association have been able to help make the event possible. He said: "The Ace Cafe biker’s day to Southend has always been extremely popular and well attended and seafront traders warmly appreciate what is a significant annual event. We are all very happy that the event is now going ahead this year and look forward to it for many years to come.

“Thank you to Grumpy's Diner and the individual traders that have sponsored the day, and to Ace Cafe London for putting the event on."

Ace Cafe London has an impressive history of events in many locations and are pleased to be back in Southend for the 18th consecutive year. Speaking on behalf of the cafe, Mark Wilsmore said: “Thanks to all at Southend-on-Sea for your hard work. We are looking forward to seeing you all at the seaside!”

Up to 10,000 motorbikes could be heading to Southend for this event which fills the seafront and offers an early ride out for many owners to showcase their bikes. To come and enjoy the spectacle be sure and arrive early and plan your day.


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