Why You Should Use An Energy Broker

May 30, 2016 by Andy Crow

Why You Should Use An Energy Broker

When you’re running a business, keeping your expenses to a minimum is always a top priority. The right energy deal can have a huge impact on your overheads, but the prospect of doing so is one many find a little off-putting. Here are a few reasons why using an energy broker will benefit you.

1. You’ll save money
Brokers have close ties with a number of gas and electricity providers and their constant monitoring of the energy market, will enable them tell you what the most affordable tariff for you is.

2. You’ll save time
Running a business takes a huge amount of time. A broker simplifies and handles the entire price comparison and switching process on your behalf. He completes all the time-consuming parts for you, gathering quotes and handling all the paperwork that comes with switching.

3. You’ll receive expert knowledge
You may feel daunted by the prospect of where to search for a good deal. Energy brokers are gas and electricity experts; they’ll be able to answer any questions you have and break down all the jargon into terms you understand.

4. You’ll understand your options
There are a lot of different energy providers. You may know about the big six, but can you name many others? The most well-known suppliers aren’t necessarily the ones offering the most competitive prices. Your broker may introduce you to a supplier you’ve never heard of which offers a tariff that is ideal for your requirements.

5. You’ll get future help
Once you’ve switched your tariff, good broker will be there when your new contract ends, ready to make sure you keep getting the best tariff available to you. This means that arranging your energy contracts in the future should always be painless.

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