11 plus campaign passes the test

November 8, 2017 by Southend Borough Council

The council’s recent 11 plus campaign has proven a major success, with more local children registering for and passing the test compared to the year before. In 2016, 1280 candidates from the SS0-SS9 priority area registered for the test, with 399 passing. This year 1,440 candidates registered with 452 passing the test (53 more).

There are sufficient priority places at the grammar schools, which mean that if the additional 53 pupils name both Grammar Schools on their application in their preferred order, they are guaranteed a place.

Cllr James Courtenay, Executive Councillor for Children and Learning, says: “This initial campaign was all about raising awareness of the 11 plus and encouraging local children to apply for and sit the test, and we were pleased to see a significant increase in applications this year.

“We are delighted that this rise in applications has led to 53 more local pupils passing the test. Well done to everyone involved.

“Our work does not end now and we look forward to working with others to build on our campaign in the future.”

The council’s #nofuss11plus campaign, run with support by all four grammar schools is about offering choice, and in the long-term it is also about supporting those from more disadvantaged backgrounds to prepare for and take the test and ultimately increase the numbers of local children attending one of the four outstanding local grammar schools.