Cocktail of the week! White Walker

May 6, 2015 by Dave at The Craft Drinks Company

Cocktail of the week - WHITE WALKER

Summer weather is almost here so tuck into this frozen delight! But be careful not to catch the death o' cold!

You'll need:

  • 25ml White Rum
  • 25ml Malibu
  • 50ml Coconut Milk
  • Vanilla Syrup
  • Blue Curacao
  • Ice
  • Rim (optional) - Dessicated Coconut & Bubblegum Sherbet
  • A blender

The method in the madness:

1. In your blender, throw in Rum, Malibu, Vanilla Syrup & Coconut Milk
2. Add a handful of ice & blend
3. Pour into your glass then drizzle Blue Curacao over the top

This cocktail recipe is courtesy of The Craft Drinks Company.
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