Community helps make LuminoCity shine

February 16, 2022

Southend LuminoCity has lit up the High Street and seafront with installations from across the world, but local people have also helped to make the event extra special by adding a sprinkling of stars.

Adults and young people, supported by R.E House, worked with Southend-based painter, John Bulley, to spray the walls under the railway bridge in the High Street with silver stars, adding glitter to them to make them sparkle. The railway bridge is the location of the installation ‘Angels of Freedom’ - five sets of interactive, ever-changing coloured wings.

R.E House is a resource and enterprise centre supporting adults with learning disabilities. Having worked with the centre in the past, John knew, when called on to decorate the bridge area for the light festival, that the young people and adults supported by R.E House were perfect to help with the project.

John Bulley said: “When I was asked to produce a backdrop for the LuminoCity installation under the bridge, I wanted to involve the local community, especially those who normally don’t get a chance to be involved in something so prominent, so visible. I have worked with R.E House on several occasions and knew the people they support would love to be involved. We sprayed silver stars with glitter onto the wall using hand cut stencils. It was great fun and we all enjoyed it. The young people who came out to work on the project with me will be thrilled when they see it lit up.”

Cllr Carole Mulroney, cabinet member for environment, culture, tourism and planning, said: “LuminoCity is a truly amazing event for Southend because so many members of the community have come together to make it happen. The festival brings a sparkle to the town centre and seafront not seen for many a year, and I would like to thank John and his friends from R.E House for all their hard work to help make this event extra special. This is how we want visitors and residents to think of Southend City – as a vibrant, cultured, artistic centre for all to enjoy.”

Please visit Southend LuminoCity | Festival of Light for more information.


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