George Miller and her Leigh Secret - Our review!

October 19, 2014 by Joanna Harrison

We introduced George, of George Miller Beauty last week and showcased her beautiful salon with an incredible 25% off ANY first treatment with her...

The question is, have you booked in with George yet? We did and we weren’t disappointed!

Here’s our review…..

George’s luxury, inviting and tranquil salon based on Western Road was the perfect setting for our 1 hour deluxe facial!

The calming yet refreshing treatment started with a firm pressured back massage utilizing the products from a well known range Naturally Thinking. Perfect for sensitive skin, the chamomile and lavender infused products projected a seductive aroma throughout the salon making us feel immediately relaxed.

A detailed process of cleansing, exfoliating and steaming were then expertly applied to the face and neck area, with the shoulder’s additionally benefiting from a massage, ultimately concluding with a rehydrating face mask.

Whilst the face mask worked it’s magic (and there was a lot of magic to be worked) George effortlessly massaged our lower arm’s, wrists and hands before removing the mask.

The last part of the treatment (yes there was more – heaven), was a toner applied to the face and neck area with an optional eyebrow wax. Finally, to finish the whole experience off, a full moisturizer was applied to the face and neck along with a cooling and soothing eye jel.

Our whole experience and treatment at George Miller’s Beauty really was incredible. Our skin felt clean, crisp and hydrated and we will definitely be going back again very soon!

In line with our review, George Miller Beauty is offering this incredible hour deluxe facial to readers for just £22 y !... but be quick, this is only available to the first ten people!


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