Planning a Wedding? Check out the latest Wedding trends

March 26, 2021

Planning a Wedding? Check out the latest Wedding trends (including the role of celebrant ceremonies).

People are still planning weddings and doing it quite differently than before. Amongst other things, the trends involve virtual live stream weddings and micro weddings to adapt to smaller guest numbers.


Because lots of other wedding elements aren't possible the ceremony has become the most important part of the wedding. As a celebrant this makes me very happy! There are more intimate weddings and some couples are going very minimalist in their design, sometimes the design elements used are organic materials like wood, dried florals and pampass grass.

Some couples choose eco conscious weddings, using locally sourced materials and having favours where donations are made to charity.

However others are going really bright and bold in all aspects and really splashing out. Alongside all the luxuries it’s not uncommon to see 4 or 5 colours being splashed around within the colour scheme.


Unconventional Venues are becoming really popular; it’s all about the experience of a wedding rather than it just being an event. Also celebrant ceremonies can take place literally anywhere so the rush for a licensed venue is not an issue; this is a real bonus because of the backlog of weddings that Covid has created. There are more weddings at home, in gardens and sequel weddings. I love this idea, a sequel wedding is when you have a small wedding but the sequel is the larger wedding you plan for the future with a bigger guest list.

So there are more outdoor weddings, in woodland venues or glamping sites, zoos and parks. Also weddings in breweries or greenhouse locations, and wow!!!! imagine getting married in a planetarium, art gallery or even somewhere like The Eden Project.

Different weddings. Couples are losing some of the gender related traditions so it’s not uncommon now to see Men of honour, bridesmates, grooms maids, best woman and of course pets so brides dog or best dog.

There’s an emphasis on couples wanting to really own their ceremony, celebrant ceremonies are rising in demand as they lend themselves to this sort of no limits ceremony. In terms of the experience couples want their guests to be more than spectators, so alongside quirky venues, food and drink vans are popular, games, performers, bouncy castles, mini golf, it’s all going on!!!

A celebrant ceremony means friends and family members can take an active role in the actual ceremony, and they naturally lend themselves to this sort of wider participation.

Wedding planning is getting more high tech, there are more virtual wedding fairs, tours, and wedding websites thus saving time and money. Meeting with wedding suppliers on zoom is time efficient and cost effective. Couples wedding websites are a relatively new concept; everything is in one place and they are easy to amend should your plans change. A one stop for all your guests with every detail including rsvps, recommended hotels, maps, and where you can collect info from your guests too like dietary issues, you can put polls on there....and playlist suggestions.

If you aren't tech savvy get one of your guests to do it or even pay a professional as it can be quite cost effective.

And last but by no means least, social media and hash tags are all the rage together with monogramed accessories including personalised face masks. Generally couples are giving more details on invitations about mask wearing, social distancing and any special restrictions.


About the author:

I am Amanda a modern quirky celebrant who believes in helping couples have the ceremony they deserve with real freedom of choice and personalisation. Offering a range of bespoke ceremonies including weddings, baby namings, vow renewals and house blessings, I specialise in working with amazing venues both licensed and unlicensed who offer much more than a traditional wedding. I have a very open minded attitude to your ceremony, ensuring it’s written with you, for you, in the way that says everything you want it to. I regularly write for various bridal magazines and have been featured on the thrive global website.

So, if you want to know about celebrant ceremonies head over to my website main page You will find details of all my ceremonies, a bit more about me, advice about legalities, a free download and the option to book a free call with me or just call 07311 431754.


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