Ten Green Bottles Review

June 7, 2016 by Rich - Foodie Reviewer

Ten Green Bottles

We've got some pretty cool bars around SS9, and some pretty naff ones come to that! Most seem to do pretty well. Henry Burgers, Rio, Sandbar, Ugos, they all get packed out at weekends. And rightly so, they’re great places. Just walk along the 'Main Drag’ any weekend, the bars and pubs are packed with revellers having a jolly good time. The ambience alone is enough to draw you in and join em for a few cold ones! I’ve lost entire afternoons meandering along the Broadway, popping from bar to bar. It’s one of my favourite past times! Anyway, a couple of months ago, whilst out for a few cheeky beverages with the Leigh-on-sea.com team, we ended up in Ten Green bottles. If you don't know, TGB (ten green bottles) it’s located, or should I say hidden, behind Irma's and Strangeways hair salon. It’s nestled, in what is essentially, a small alleyway, you can't see It from the road. Well, I couldn't believe it when we arrived, the place was rammed! It was like the Central Line at 8.30am, only more fun! I was amazed, you'd expect a busy venue if you've got passing trade, but TGB doesn't have this luxury. Straight away I thought, these guys have got it spot on. Anywhere that can be this packed on a Thursday night are clearly doing something right! We made the decision there and then, we must get back for another dose, and give the grub a go too.

So the time had come, last Thursday we all ventured back for part 2. We arrived at 7.30pm, and it wasn’t too busy. This suited us fine; we needed a good catch up before the hoards arrived for the ‘open mic’ night. As you all know I do like a descent beer or two. But, Its gotta be beer with taste! So I was delighted to see TGB have some interesting brews, and meantime beer on draught. I immediately got stuck in to the Lagunitas IPA, a rather pleasing American brew.

I loved the menu, just simply headed up ‘Smalls’ ‘Boards’ ‘Bigs’ & ‘Sides’! ‘Smalls’ being a list of tapas style plates, ‘Boards’ are sharing platters. ‘Bigs’ comprise of burgers and sandwiches, Sides are, well, sides! Before I go on, beneath ‘Bigs’ I was impressed to see a soft shell crab burger! I’ve eaten soft shell crab regularly in Wings Chinese restaurant, but never in a burger. Soft shell crab is one of my all time favourites, so I need to give that a go next time!

So, what did we eat? We just had to share, so lets order a few smalls. I love this way of eating, its social, and a great way to try different dishes and flavours. One big problem, me being the foodie, I was expected to order for everyone. I was hungry, very hungry. You know they always say, don’t go to a supermarket when you’re hungry. You’ll end up buying all sorts; the same applies here. Don’t let Foodie Rich loose to order just a few sharing plates, it aint gonna happen. I ordered enough food for the whole bar! I kid you not, our table was groaning with far too many small plates. But hey ho, nobody moans about too much food do they? If you’re sitting comfortably I will run down what we ate. Just to note, I’ve decided to keep it simple this week, just a few words on each dish, it would take hours of solid writing if I went in to too much depth. I do actually have another job unfortunately, and the sun is shining outside. So here goes:

Sicilian Meatballs – meaty meatballs, as you’d expect I guess, in a rich tomato and basil sauce; lovely

Dippy Dim Sum Dumplings – The Chinese pork and chive classic with a soy dipping sauce, plump and tasty!

Green Eggs & Ham – a Dr Seuss classic folks! Smoked bacon, egg, rocket and a pesto dressing. Could this be the winning dish of the night?

Devilled White Bait – I love these deep fried fishy delights. Dunked in the lemon mayo I could’ve eaten a bowl full alone

Falafel – I’ve got to be honest, I’m never really a fan of this veggie favourite. But, in a warm pitta, drizzled with their harrisa yoghurt dip, they were good. So good, I’d order it again.

Dip Pots & Flat Bread – Hummus, pesto and beetroot dips. Wonderful with a warm pitta

Anti-Pasti Board - A board crammed with charcuterie, cheese, bread, biscuits, dips and pickles. This alone would have fed us all!

Shoestring Fries – just because you’ve gotta have fries right? Well that’s what Lou always reckons!

Fair to say, that’s a lot of food? But I’m glad we’d ordered all that. We all had our own favourites and least favourites. For me, it was a toss up between the Green Eggs & Ham, and the Meatballs, but to be honest it was all incredible to the taste, and left us feeling content and rather full up! By the time we could eat no more it was open mic time! Yep, a fantastic feed, followed by live music, two of my favourite things! Before you ask, I didn’t get up and sing, blimey, I’d of the cleared the now very busy bar in seconds! Those who did take part were great, Radiohead all the way to the Beatles, my kinda music! Its not just singers who can get involved on the open mic nights, musicians can join in the fun too. Ukulele to double bass, trumpet to tuba, you’re all welcome to have a go. I’m sure the good people of TGB may not thank me for encouraging Tuba players to turn up, it’s a pretty small bar! So I apologise in advance if the ‘Leigh on Sea Tuba Assembly’ rock up next Thursday, wielding their big brass instruments, demanding to be heard.

There you go, Ten Green Bottles is now my new favourite bar. Not only do they serve some pretty damn tasty grub, it’s got a really friendly vibe about the place. They also host other special events throughout the year, so keep an eye on leigh-on-sea.com for details. Oh, before I sign off this week let me share a little unknown fact about TGB; it has a kissing corner! Don’t get too excited though fella’s. For some odd reason, hidden by the left hand side of the bar, the girls have taken to leaving red lipstick smooches on the wall. This could soon become a big thing. Just imagine, in years to come the whole bar could be covered in red lipstick kisses of past visitors. This shouldn’t be limited the ladies though, I mean what if Eddie Izzard popped in on the off chance? Come on chaps get involved!

Ten Green Bottle's is based at 11 Rectory Grove. Keep your eyes peeled for all their up and coming events including Leigh Folk Festival Extravaganza! https://www.leigh-on-sea.com/ten-green-bottles.html

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