Visit the Hub for money saving tips and more

December 11, 2015 by Southend Borough Council

Visit the Hub for money saving tips and more

Thursday 10th December 2015

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council is urging people who may be struggling with their finances to visit Essex Savers credit union in the run up to Christmas.

Thanks to the Hub, a welcoming community facility on the second floor of the Victoria shopping centre, local people can get advice from Essex Savers every Wednesday on personal finance, money problems, loans, savings and credit unions.

Cllr Ian Gilbert, deputy leader of the council, says: “Many families will be feeling financial pressure all year round, but Christmas can add to that and organisations like Essex Savers and the Citizens Advice Bureau are there to help and offer advice to anyone struggling with debt and potential solutions. You may be eligible for a member loan, or if you are debt free you could sign up for a savers account.

“If you are feeling the pinch, a visit to The Hub could be a worthwhile trip.”

Alison Davies, President of Essex Savers net Credit Union, says: “As a not-for-profit cooperative, we’re always focussed on “looking after our members’ pennies & pounds.

“Although Christmas is not far away now, we believe there’s still time to save some money, and also make the money you have work even harder.

“There are a number of ways that people can avoid that Christmas overspend. Of course, joining a credit union is also a great way of saving money. If you have no debts, which you should clear first, saving just £5 a week would be worth £220 by December 2016. If you could manage £20 a week, you'd have £880 by December 2016.”

The nationally acclaimed Money Saving Expert website has also published 48 money saving tips which can be found here

The Hub is open from 10am to 4.30pm every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

On Tuesdays, a ‘Digital Housing Hub’ gives people access to computers and the internet where they can register to vote, write a CV and search for jobs with support from volunteers. A support worker from ‘Can Do Leonard Cheshire’ also works from the Hub on Tuesdays in a role dedicated to helping young disabled adults improve their skills through volunteering to help them lead an independent life.

On Wednesdays, staff from Essex Savers Credit Union can advise on personal finance, money problems, loans, savings and credit unions. Staff from Healthwatch Southend are also available to offer advice and support on matters surrounding health and social care in Southend every Wednesday morning, with SCOPE Southend available to give information and assistance for families that have children or young people with special education needs. From 2nd December 2015, staff from Family Mosaic will be working from the Hub to provide additional support for families that are in need.

On Thursdays, staff from the Citizens Advice Bureau are available to help with benefits and understanding Universal Credit as well as other welfare related issues. Staff from South Essex Homes are also available to give tenancy advice.


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