Cocktail of the week - King Of The North

May 13, 2015 by Dave @ The Craft Drinks Co.

Cocktail of the week - KING OF THE NORTH

The last of my Game of Thrones specials, this blueberry sour is packed full of botanical flavours with a touch of fiery ginger. You'd be Stark raving mad not to give it a go!

You'll Need:

- 35ml Gin
- 20ml The King's Ginger Liqueur
- 3 lemon wedges
- Egg White
- A small handful of Blueberries
- Angostura Bitters
- Ice
- A Cocktail Shaker
- Garnish - Lavender & Rosemary

The Method Behind The Madness:

1. Middle the lemon wedges, blueberries, a dash of bitters & a shot of egg white in your shaker
2. Throw in some Gin & Ginger liqueur
3. Add ice, shake & strain into your glass
4. Garnish with Rosemary & Lavender for that Royal look!


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