Gourmet Deli is open again for Business

June 2, 2020

After months of lockdown, Gourmet Deli is open again for business from 9-4pm everyday other than Monday.

The Deli offers a range of luxury groceries from flour and eggs to cheese, salted meats and wines for you to choose from. Treat yourself to a Dirty Reuben or, maybe, with the recent spate of hot weather, come down and tuck into some ice cream (now being supplied by the award-winning Saffron Ice Cream Company).

Alternatively, you can shop for their range of products online via the Leigh-on-Sea store. Deliveries are made 6 days a week from Tuesday to Sunday.

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Gourmet Deli Co.

Gourmet Deli Co.

The Gourmet Deli Co. Purveyors of great food & drink



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